Rick Bozada

Thank you for taking the time to view my photography. The slide show above contains some new and old photos I am thinking of posting to my portfolio.

After viewing the contents of My Galleries , if you take away a single stirred memory, a mood is conveyed, or you simply have experienced looking at something from a different perspective - then my fervor for light and life has been properly shared.

Life, National Geographic, lifestyle magazines and certainly newspaper images were the seminal input that shaped how I look through a lens or at a camera’s monitor. To appreciate an image I first found myself deconstructing how it was being presented. Often I discovered that the photograph was manipulated into an image that the medium wished the viewer to absorb.

This forced sublimation became the antithesis of the photographic boundaries I impose upon myself. With this understanding and my learning from Harold Edgerton’s work that nothing we see is really “still,” provides you with the basis to appreciate how I view the photography discipline. As such, My Galleries contain selections that are presented full-frame with limited elementary post-capture “clean-up,” and are as close to the scene as it was encountered. The exceptions to this are the occasional use of a ring flash demanded by extreme macro/micro conditions and cropping to offset the distances in sporting events or far off scenes.

While Nikon D50, D80 and D90 sourced the lion's share of the presented photos, Kodak zoom digital, Nikon and Olympus "point and shoot" and smart phone cameras are represented.

You will notice that I have chosen not to apply titles to my photographs believing that association is best left to the capable mind of the viewer. A time stamp representing the moment (CT) the photograph was captured is offered lending itself to an identity.